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Current Conservation (Issue 15.3)

In 2021, Current Conservation commissioned a 3 part illustration series for a feature piece as part of their upcoming issue. The title for the article is ‘Working towards a Common Purpose in Northern Tanzania’ and was written by an African conservationist, Alphonce Mallya about the people trying to protect Tanzania’s rangelands.

Illustration 1.jpg

The article can be found here

The intent for all three illustrations was to have the underlying concept closely linked. The first showed the NTRA ranger looking at the landscape through binoculars. The second shows the view through the binoculars, and a clash between the various stakeholders of the rangelands on a macro level. The third illustration zooms out and shows the entire ecosystem. I worked closely with the managing editor, Manini Bal in each stage of the illustration. Below are the initial sketches:

a - 2.jpg
a - 3.jpg

(b. 2000) I am a graphic designer from Goa, India and a recent graduate in Visual Communication from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, 2022.

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