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A set of editorial illustrations made for Common Ground, an in-depth and investigative reporting series covering topics of healthcare, education, environmental issues, disasters and more.  The complete set of illustrations can be found here.


'How Covid derailed the dreams of young doctors in India'

Illustration final.jpg

'The common deadly disease that you haven't heard about'


' Cheetahs are back. But what about the displace people of Kuno?'

'The migrant workers who never went back' 

cover illustration.jpg

'The dark underbelly of Punjab's liquor problem'

'The contested treasure inside Madhya Pradesh's forests'

final image.jpg

'A new wave of Bahujan solidarity'

final piece.jpg

'Why men want women to own land'


'The children who quietly dropped out of school'

'How Hindutva hijacked India's child protection body'

beaker Illustration.jpg

'The broken promise of Indian science'

Final 2.jpg
Illustration (net).jpg
Illustration (new).jpg

'Battered by climate change, Central India's forest products are disappearing'

(b. 2000) I am a graphic designer from Goa, India and a recent graduate in Visual Communication from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, 2022.

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