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'Detective Ammamma' (Custom Type & Poster Design)

A custom font & title that I designed for my peer, Athul Kishan’s thesis film in Srishti. A noir detective film set in a small village in Kerala, titled ‘Detective Ammamma’ required a title that hinted at the genre it was representing. I also designed a poster for the same film.

both posters.jpg
Final Poster.jpg
social media.png

The type was heavily inspired by noir films. I looked at film titles such as Double Indemnity, Woman On the Run and more. The skewed layout and high contrast details in the font came from my observations of these posters. Below are some of my initial explorations and type construction.

Title (no effect)_edited.png

(b. 2000) I am a graphic designer from Goa, India and a recent graduate in Visual Communication from the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, 2022.

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